Le Garzette | Where we are
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Where we are

By Car

The Lido is easily reached by car by means of motorways (A4 from Trieste and from Turin, A27 from Belluno, A13 from Bologna) and highways (SS.309 Romea from the Adriatic coast, SS.14 from Trieste, SS.13 from Treviso, SS.11 from Padua). Once you have neared the Lagoon, you cross the Ponte della Libertà (the Bridge of Freedom) which links the mainland with Venice. The directions for Venice indicate to Piazzale Roma. Before P.Roma you must turn in the direction of the Tronchetto/Ferryboat for the Lido. These ferries go hourly directly to the Lido. Then drive right through the Lido to Malamocco, where you will find the first road-sign “Le Garzette” and after 1 kilometre along the Lagoon you will find the second sign, turn left.



By Train

By train is another way of comfortably arriving on the Lido. You have to get out at the Venice S.Lucia station. Then continue by the ACTV public transport boats 5.1 or 5.2. Then from the S.Maria Elizabetta Lido of Venice terminus you can take a car taxi or public transport running day and night. Bus A direction Alberoni and ask the driver for the second stop after Malamocco.



By Air

From Marco Polo Airport.
The Alilaguna Blue and Red motorlaunches for the Lido. This is a service of private motorlaunches allowed to use the ACTV stops, bringing you directly from the Airport to Venice, stopping at the most important areas of the city. This service is far more reasonable than private watertaxis. The Blue and Red Alilaguna lines cover an hourly service.
For further details and information re prices and timetables, you can look directly at the Alilaguna website – www.alilaguna.com and actv.it (Tel.Hotline: 0412424).
From S.Maria Elizabetta, “Lido of Venice” terminus, you can take a car-taxi or public transport, available day and night. The A Bus in the direction Alberoni and ask the driver for the second stop after Malamocco.